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Dr. Doug Knueven Weekend Part 3: Animal Chiropratic, Massage, Accupressure & Vaccinations April 5, 2009

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Dr. Doug demonstrating accupressure points on Holly

Dr. Doug demonstrating accupressure points on Holly

My favorite part of Dr. Doug Knueven’s pet holistic care weekend was the accupressure demo. Since I’m a patient of Dr. Doug’s and our Aunt Jennifer helped put the whole weekend together, I was invited to be a demo dog. Dr. Doug started off with a talk on animal chiropractic. He suggested looking for a vet that has the AVCA certification. Dr. Doug believes in having chiropractic treatments even when your pet is well as a preventative to keeping good health. He told us that you should see an improvement in your ailment within 3 treatments or chiropractic may not really help. Dr. Doug uses x-rays as part of his treatment to tell him where not to adjust.

Dr. Knueven then moved on to pet massage. Massage has many benefits including relieving muscle spasms and pain, enhancing range of motion, reducing stress, helping with disease detection, stimulating circulation, and strengthening your bond with your pet. All good stuff! He told us to always stroke toward the heart. Do not massage an open wound, skin infections, insect bites, over a fracture, or if the pet has a fever or cancer.

The second day we spent on animal acupressure. Dr. Doug used me and several other dogs to demonstrate how to find acupressure points. Sometimes because of all my fur, it was a bit hard to find some of the points on me. It felt great.

Dr. Doug Knueven demonstrating accupressure

Dr. Doug Knueven demonstrating accupressure

Dr. Doug wrapped up his pet holistic care weekend with some very interesting and alarming comments on animal vaccines. He told us that animals are having more immune system problems, cancer, chronic infections, and allergies. Many in the vet health care industry believe that over vaccination of pets is one cause of many of these problems. Dr. Doug stated specifically that vaccine doses are the same for a 5 lbs dog as a 150 lbs dog. Common sense would tell you this doesn’t make sense. Another problem is the number of antigens in the vaccine being given at one time. He recommended that you give rabies shots several weeks before or after any other vaccinations. He also told us that vaccines are only tested for duration of immunity for one year by vaccine producers. I’m sure it’s a great money maker for them if vaccines are given every year, but they really are not necessary that frequently. Dr. Doug recommended having titer tests to check for the body’s immunity levels. A titer test is a simple blood test that your vet can give your pet to help tell you if another round of vaccinations is really necessary or if your pet’s body has the immunity levels it needs to fight off a disease. Rabies vaccines still have to be given every 3 years by law. There is a titer for rabies but unfortunately our government won’t recognize it. Maybe the Obama’s new puppy can talk to someone about that. Dr. Doug also told us to only vaccinate a healthy pet. If your pet is sick or had an injury of some type, this is not the time to vaccinate, even if its convenient since you are at the vet. I had that problem myself when I had to have stitches for an injury. Kim didn’t know at that point to tell the vet I was seeing that we would come back after my injury healed. Instead they gave me vaccines that day.

Well, that wraps up my series on holistic pet care and Dr. Doug Knueven. If you are interested in more information, be sure and get a copy of Dr. Doug’s book,  The Holistic Health Guide: Natural Care for the Whole Dog (Terra-Nova Series) . I have other holistic care suggestions on my web site in my book section.