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Social Networking has Gone to the Dogs February 24, 2009

Posted by hollythenewfcom in Social Networking.
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I really have been having quite a lot of fun with this thing the humans call “Social Networking”. Facebook, My Space, YouTube, and Twitter are all sites where you can share pictures, videos, comments and news about the latest bone you chewed, how you are feeling after you and the cat got in a rumble, and thoughts you may be having about why drool hanging out of your mouth gets a negative response from people. It’s a great way to keep in touch with a large group of friends, all at the same time. You can look up friends that you may know from long walks or trips to the dog park and search for new friends who have similar interests, like pulling sleds and swimming regardless of what the outside temperature is. Now you might be thinking, “Are you kidding…what is a dog going to do on Facebook?” Well, I joined several groups about Newfoundlands and the Therapy Dogs International Group. I posted some pictures and videos so my friends could see me pulling my sled in the snow or the Williamsburg Christmas Parade I marched in. My Christmas Parade video got 5 stars on YouTube! I started to meet some wonderful new Newfie friends. Then I checked out some of my new friends blogs and web sites. There’s Nanook and Pooka, Ayla the Newfie, Bella and Gabe, and the dogs at the Newfie Nuthouse. Some of my friends are international! I discovered there are many fascinating sites about Newfs out on the web. I learned about new food, new toys, ideas for training, and breeders that have fabulous Newfies like me.As I looked further I found Dogs With Blogs, Doggyspace, and Dogbook on Facebook.  So what is the point you may ask. Well, with all these new friends I have a place to go to ask questions about a problem I may be having..like how do I talk my humans into another Newfie for our house, or to share information I have on how to become a therapy dog, or products like my Kong that I may want to share that I really liked. Plus, its great having friends who understand you. In my neighborhood, there are no other big dogs like me. But online, I’ve found tons of Newfie friends that I can really talk to. So if you are barking out there in cyberspace, be sure to look me up.