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About Holly

holly_backyard_2007Holly the Newf is a 3 year old female Newfoundland that resides in Western Maryland. She is a Therapy Dogs International (TDI) therapy dog that is certified to participate in visits to nursing homes, schools, service groups and organizations. Because of her gentle and caring temperment, Holly is a natural for therapy dog work. She loves children and the elderly. At 120 lbs., Holly can be a bit intimidating, but her love of people instantly puts any fears to rest. She is currently training for her Junior Water Title and her Draft Title.

The Newfoundland is a working breed dog with an excellent disposition that is a devoted companion. As a working breed dog, they are at home on land and in the water. Newfoundlands are known for draft work (pulling carts), as well as their passion for the water. They possess a natural ability for lifesaving. Newfoundlands have held important roles in history with numerous accounts of dogs saving people in shipwrecks and boating accidents. The most famous Newfoundland is Seaman who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition. 

To schedule Holly for a therapy visit, to learn more about Newfoundlands, or to shop for Holly’s recommended dog items, please visit her web site at www.HollyTheNewf.com.


1. Mary - August 11, 2009

Hi, My name is Mary Kusik, we have a newf too, her name is Holly, I just thought that was neat, and this blog is cute too! You’re newfi is very cute!

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