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Dr. Doug Knueven Weekend Part 1: Nutrition & Supplements March 23, 2009

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Dr. Doug Knueven shows accupressure points on Holly The Newf

Dr. Doug Knueven shows accupressure points on Holly The Newf

I had the most marvelous time this weekend with my family at Dr. Doug Knueven’s Pet Holistic Health Care Seminar in Mebane, NC. Kim’s sister, Jenn, of Blue Dog K-9, helped arrange the seminar at the APS of Orange County. We learned so much, I can’t cover it all in one blog. So I decided to put together a series of blogs about our very informative weekend. Dr. Doug spent day one talking about homeopathy, accupuncture and accupressure, raw diets and natural nutrition, massage, herbal medicine, chiropractic, vaccinations, and other forms of holistic pet health care. Dr. Doug has been very successful at integrating Western medicine with Eastern practices and philosophies.

He started the day by going through information on the inadequacy of nutrition training in veterinary schools today and the inferior quality of continuing education on nutrition. He told us these programs and the resources they use are paid for by the big commercial pet food companies. Gee…do you think there is any biases in what they are teaching in nutrition class? He told us that many commercial pet foods are high in carbohydrates with can contribute to obesity and cancer. Many of the commercial pet foods are filled with ingredients that are inferior (dead, decaying or diseased meat sources when processed) and not of human grade for consumption, filled with artificial flavoring and coloring (what dog needs to eat red pieces of kibble that looks like meat?), and processed to the point of having the potency of the nutrients destroyed.

Jenn has told us many times of all the dogs she sees in her practice that have terrible behavior problems, of which many are due to poor diets where commercial pet food with corn is used. I myself used to eat a dog food with corn in it. (Before my humans knew better!)  I was very nervous, had skin problems and hot spots, and left very large piles around the yard.  Dr. Doug suggests a natural diet, like I eat now, that consists of raw meat, bones, shredded vegetables, and organ meat. My hot spots and skin problems have disappeared and I don’t litter up the yard as much.

Dr. Doug reminded us that in a natural diet, 2-14% would be grains vs. most commercial dog kibble which is 50-90% grain.  He also talked about how feeding a commercial kibble for the life of your dog and not adding variety to your dog’s diet can be a factor in your dog developing food allergies. Dr. Doug spoke about the fact that dogs evolved eating raw meat, bones, organs, and shredded veggies from the stomach of their kill. Commercial diets have only been popular in the past 50 years or so. You will not mimic the natural percentages of diet with commercial kibble.

Dr. Doug then recommended his five essential supplements that he feels every dog should have: a natural multi-vitamin, fish oil, digestive enzymes, and glucosamine/chondroitin. He also recommends a probiotic for 2 to 3 weeks at the change of the seasons or if the dog has had diaherria or been on any antibiotics. Dr. Doug prefers natural sources vs synthetic in the supplements he uses. When we were informed of all the really bad things that can be in commercial pet food such as aflatoxin (a toxin created by mold that grows on grain),  Pentobartbital (a drug used to uthenize dogs), melamine, or even bone meal from other dogs and cats (yikes!)…it just makes good sense to do your home work about what your pet is eating.

There are good commercial dog foods available if you are not in a position to feed a totally natural diet. The Whole Dog Journal rates the 10 best every year. I use Flint River Ranch when I’m traveling. I know that Solid Gold and Wellness are high on the list. Dr. Doug told us that even if you can’t do a totally natural diet, any step that you can make to improve your dog’s diet or add natural components to it is better than 100% commerical kibble.

In the next installment of my Dr. Doug Knueven Weekend blog report, I’ll be talking about herbal medicine and homeopathy.


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